Don’t Lose Your Voice

Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt from the Saint Louis Art Museum

The Lord moves me to write out of an overflo>w of my time spent alone with him, so it only makes sense that the God who uniquely created me also uniquely inspires me.  When I sit down to read his Word or spend time in prayer, the words I’m inspired to write just bubble up in my brain, so I quickly reach for a pen to scribble them on paper (or if I am on the go I simply type them up on my iphone).  Then the events of my day also help to add a little more detail to those scribbled notes until I have time to tweak them later.  After all, I like to write about my thoughts on God and life with less of a blubbering mess and more of a beautiful mess by combining a little bit of grace with a little bit of truth followed by a little bit of editing.  Then a blog post is born as I launch it from my paper onto blogger.
As this process happens time and time again, I develop a voice as a writer.  Just as those who know me recognize my audible voice, so also those who know my writing recognize the voice that emerges from my pencil.  My dear bloggy friend Abby illustrated this point perfectly when she recently commented on one of my blog posts.  Now, for those of you who do not usually read my blog, it tends to be short and to the point with a little bit of scripture to pack a punch at the end.  In contrast, Abby so eloquently writes more than I do in an average blog post.  She recently made a comment after posting some feedback to one of my posts, “…Well, you can always count on me for a comment as long as your post.”  The beauty of that statement lies in the truth of that statement.  The truth is that over time each of us have held true to our own writing style, therefore creating our own writing voice, just as we have each been uniquely inspired to write.

So that leads me to ask, what does your voice sound like as a writer or as a blogger?  If it is a uniquely and divinely inspired blend of truth and grace, then I want to encourage you not to lose your voice.  Stay true to who God has created you to be and you will bless others with your writing in a way no one else can!

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public domain symbolSource: Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt is in the public domain in the U.S. and was downloaded from Wikimedia Commons.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Voice

  1. Well, I came over because I LOVED the title of this post and then saw that it was written by you, my sweet friend, who I have gotten to know through your voice which is beautiful. It underscores one of the best pieces of blogging advice I was ever given which is to “find your ‘thing’ {I like ‘voice’ better} and stick to it no matter what.” I was recently called out on this when I submitted a guest post but the one I submitted it to had read my blog and said it was ‘great writing’ but also that it ‘sounded different’ than what she had experienced on my blog. She said it in love and I ended up writing another post altogether AND being affirmed in the clarity of my own voice! Well, this is a longer post otherwise this comment would have remained true to form! {and thanks for the sweet shout out!}


  2. Hi Abby and Sus, thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate both of YOUR hearts to live an authentic life in the unique ways God has gifted you. As you let your light shine, I know God is using each of you to inspire many to pursue Christ! Thanks for embracing me and my voice!


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