G Suite How-tos

G Suite How-tos

Unlock the full potential of G Suite. If the content for one of these Google apps is substantial, I’ll create sub-pages. Often, I also link to blog posts on eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e).

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar Settings

Let’s see about some of your settings. You might want to look through the others as well. Click on the gear icon in the upper right of Google Calendar.  It’s recommended to leave the Density and Color as the default setting. Click on “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Time Zone and World Clock

If you travel, check “Ask to update my primary time zone to current location.” Your calendar will then ask to change your time zone after you arrive at your destination.

Besides traveling, do you call or video chat with people in another time zone? Is your spouse in Timbuktu or other places frequently? Check the World clock setting and add these time zones. The times will display with a day or night icon in the left sidebar of Calendar.

View Options

For me, these choices are all checked, except “Show declined events” is not checked. I don’t want meetings I’m not attending in my calendar. I recommend checking “Reduce the brightness of past events.”

Events from Gmail

Check “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar” in settings. Once you’ve turned on this feature, any reservation-type emails will create an event in Google Calendar. This only works if the event information is stored in the metadata of the email, as in confirmation emails.

NOTE: A suggested-appointment email from a friend will not create an event. When you receive one of these, click the three vertical dots in the Gmail toolbar. You’ll see an option to “Create Event.” The email content will show in your Calendar’s Event Editor’s description box so you have the details you need to add this appointment.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Check “Enable keyboard shortcuts.” These are useful for Calendar views.

Access Permissions

Before you leave settings, click specifically on your personal calendar and choose “Access permissions.” I’ve checked “Make available to public” and chose “See only free/busy (hide details).”

General Notifications

Choose the email notifications you’d like to receive. You might be interested in the last one which will send you a daily agenda from that calendar.

Calendar Search

Searching within Calendar now looks through your Docs and Contacts as well.

Calendar Views

Click the gray dropdown next to the gear icon to find it or switch easily with keyboard shortcuts. Press “Y” for year; “M” for month; etc. “A” is for Schedule (Agenda).

Calendar Miscellany

Insert a special character by copying it within Word and pasting it into Google Calendar. For example, when inviting Håkon to meet you in São Paulo.

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Google Drive

  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides



I’ll be updating this section. Meanwhile, see eMail How-tos on e4e.


Other Google Apps

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Of course, this site is about ministry, so I hope that knowing how to use these tools helps you in your ministry.