A Blogger’s Journey, Part 2: Finding a Purpose

Susie_Thomas for e4eFinding My Blog’s Purpose

Post by Susie Thomas of Here Only.

Since I started casually, identifying a purpose for my blog was a long time coming for me. At first, my objective was to stay in touch from a distance, and then it became to give perspective from the other side of the world, and it has only recently evolved to its current state: I blog to build relationships with non-Christians. I’ll elaborate on that more later, but first I’ll share about the purposes that have tempted me along the way.

The first comment I got from someone I didn’t know scared me out of my pants. I was totally freaked out that someone other than my mom found me on the internet. The second comment I got from a stranger gave me a rush of excitement – I have a voice!

As I got further involved in the world of blogging – both reading and writing – I realized that the more people who read your blog, the cooler you are. And, just like that, I was tempted down a path of blogging for acceptance/recognition/fame…. Call it what you want, but I think it all boils down to the mother of all: PRIDE.

Then I started to notice that there were people who were making money of their blogs. No, not a lot, but enough to take the kids out for frozen yogurt or buy the new tall boots I need for fall. And so arose the temptation to blog for money.

The thing is, it’s easy enough to figure out how to do these things. But, for me, I had to remind myself that as a Campus Crusade staff member, ALL of my income comes from support, and ALL of my “work” has one purpose: to point other people to Christ. It was time for me to figure out a new blogging purpose.

It has taken a lot of intentionality to stay on track – and has become an issue of integrity for me before the Lord. Not all of us will arrive at the same answer on this, but for me, this has been very important. I do not want to do anything for income, traffic, or “followers”. My focus has shifted to blogging for relationships.

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