Inaugural Blog Tour 2010

Tour_bus_in_bath_england 750px

Join me for a trip around the blogosphere.  I’m offering a Blog Tour, a weekly road trip to top posts from Campus Crusade for Christ bloggers.

Get on the bus!

This tour is over; however, I’ll be doing annual tours every spring.

Inaugural Tour


Upcoming Stops

  • Thank you for joining us on this year’s annual blog tour. We’ll be back for another tour next spring.

Please share these posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Every Thursday through Friday, use the #FF hashtag (Follow Friday) to help these bloggers get more exposure on Twitter. Thanks!

Subscribe for an email alert to the “different stops” on the tour. If you want to follow the tour, I send a weekly email about new posts added to the tour.  Click here and subscribe in the email alerts section for the “Current blog tour”.  The default on this form will also subscribe you to a weekly email of e4e posts, so look over the different options to determine which email subscriptions and alerts fit your interests.



NOTE: Photo of tour bus in Bath, England, is available on Wikimedia Commons.

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