This Is Just the Beginning

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in and helped with our events and who were involved in mentoring at CSU2011!

Almost three dozen women helped in some way to make these opportunities a blessing to others.  Judy gave away two free Kindles in a drawing from over 100 women who took part in some way.  Continue reading to learn what’s next.

The Meet and Greet

Our first event brought together authors and bloggers and anyone interested in reading and publishing.  More than sixty women came.  We announced our new Global Staff Women site and gave away free books as door prizes.

If you attended, but didn’t leave a message at our help desk number, please call or text to let us know you came.

Enjoy photos from the meet-and-greet.


I scheduled two “table top discussions” with about a dozen coming to each.  I’ll continue to be in touch with anyone who’s interested in:

  • evangelistic blogging, and
  • social media as a ministry.

Click to see three pictures from our discussions.


A special thanks to our mentors!  Twenty-two women helped another thirty-six women with their tech needs!  Women learned how to use Facebook and TntMPD.  Several started a blog.  A number of women asked for help with their smartphones and iPads.

What’s Next?

I thought I was setting up all of these opportunities for women to connect with and help each other.  I hoped this would grow, of course, but I think God has a bigger plan than I did.

Several women remarked after the meet-and-greet that they want to continue the connections we started that afternoon.  Whether or not you were there, let us know if you’d like to connect with other women authors and bloggers on Campus Crusade staff, either as a reader or an author.

I also hope that we can continue long-distance mentoring to help more women within Campus Crusade for Christ enhance their ministries through technology.

Please comment below if you’re interested in any of the discussions and opportunities  we started.  Several of us will prayerfully consider what we saw God doing and appreciate any insights you have to share.

“So much of what we see today is anything but unstoppable… I spent years asking God to be part of whatever I was doing.  When I read the book of Acts, I see people privileged to play a part in what God was doing.”

~ Francis Chan in erasing hell, p. 195

3 thoughts on “This Is Just the Beginning

  1. I would be interested in being a part of future discussions and opportunities. Unfortunately I did not make it to the CSU time but I am considering writing a book and could use all the help and input I could get.


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