New Blog Ministers to 1000s of New Believers (Guest Post)

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New Blog Ministers to 1000s of New Believers

So far, about 30,000 people have signed up for “The Spiritual Starter Kit” or other emails series that we offer on and

I’ve been asking God if there is something further he would want me to do to continue ministering to these new believers, not just for their own growth, but to encourage them to share Jesus with others.

This week, through interactions with others, the idea came to start a blog for them. (It’s also a way to communicate to our Campus leaders around the world about new developments in

After sending an email (to the 30,000 people on any of our email series lists), already 5,000 people visited the blog within just the first 24 hours. So no one would have to learn a new URL, I decided to just stay with my name, which they know from the email series. However, isn’t about me. It’s a blog about our great God, and how we can make Him known.

If you go to it, scroll down the home page and read some of the comments people have left.  The most touching one is from a homeless man who is really struggling with life and considering suicide. Immediately, four people commented back to him, encouraging him. It’s so great to see people care for him like that.

God’s kindness is so evident. He’s a wonderful God to follow, isn’t he?

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Guest Post from Marilyn Adamson, director of and

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