Featured Blogs: August 2012

I’m including a quote from each of August’s featured bloggers, hoping to entice you to read some great posts

  • The Hard Question Bill Bright Asked Me ~ “I loved my job!  And, deep inside, I thought the ministry got a good deal when I said ‘yes’ to God’s call. However, apparently my arrogance was not buried so deeply inside me.”
  • Dear Church, Please Rise ~ “I want Jesus to come back to a Bride that’s ready for Him.”
  •  Movements & Organizational Boundaries ~ “True movements by their very nature are unpredictable, messy and alive.  They resist control and thrive best when their is vibrant, entreprenurial leadership and a common will.”
  • You Have Authority ~ “It makes me think about all the complicated places God sets me down to accomplish his work. The obstacles might be huge and threatening, but I don’t have to think about them or myself at all.”
  • Pedicures and Perspectives ~ “The reference here [in Isaiah 52:7] is to a messenger who brings ‘good news’ in the midst of a battle. Think hand-to-hand, ugly combat. No guns. Slicing and chopping with knives and swords. Brutal killing. The loss of dear friends and comrades. The threat of violence to your family members who are taking refuge behind the walls you are defending. In that context, I can see how the feet of a messenger bringing news that the battle is won would be beautiful. No foot model could boast prettier feet.”
  • Snapshots of Leadership Qualities gleaned from everyday life ~ “What are important leadership qualities that you value in rising leaders? What are the qualities you hope to develop in those you serve in desiring that they take on greater leadership responsibilities in the future? The following are 3 leadership qualities taken from ‘snapshots’ of everyday life here in Albania, essential for cultivating in an aspiring leader’s life.”
  • Potiphar’s Wife; Life Unrestrained ~ “Have you ever been there? Hungering for more of something the Lord hasn’t given you? (What is your Joseph?)” NOTE: This is the first in a series of lessons learned from women in the Bible.

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