Four Winners… and a Wedding

Four Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the Kindle Fire Blog Tour giveaway. I randomly selected two bloggers and two readers of the 2016 Blog Tour. The four winners of the Kindle Fire tablets are:

  1. Bill Rogers, blogging at
  2. Bob Mac Leod, blogging at TNTtips
  3. Karen Watkins
  4. Lisa Anderson

The Bloggers

I don’t know who’s driving that Laredo, but Bill Rogers, in the sweater, wrote me:

I have to say that the most fun part of winning was telling my family. My two boys (11 and 13) immediately started sharing with me all the games that I could download on it so that “I” could play them myself, or with them. πŸ™‚

I do have a quite a large backlog of free Kindle books to read thanks to David C Cook. I hope that the Kindle Fire will help me get started on these books soon.

Thank you Sus for helping me feel like I won the lottery. (at least for a few minutes)

Bob Mac Leod recently started a blog for TntConnect users, TNTtips. Bob used his new Kindle Fire a lot on a recent MPD trip.

If you missed, or didn’t keep up with, the blog tour, all the posts are listed here. The most popular posts were:

The Readers

Our next winner was Lisa Anderson, who wrote:

Thanks, Sus! I couldn’t believe I won because just that morning my old Kindle was acting crazy and I was mourning its demise! I felt so incredibly loved by my heavenly Father with this surprise.

I don’t have a laptop, so my Kindle is my ‘computer on the go’. I mainly use it for email and social media, but when we travel it’s also my library and work station.  My favorite app to relax and stretch my brain is Puzzlemix. πŸ™‚

Winner Karen Watkins doesn’t follow many blogs, so she enjoyed reading what Cru staff are writing through following the blog tour.

Several other staff commented on the tour when they entered the giveaway:

It’s a great idea–a way to gain input from and get to know others who are on the same journey. ~ Alice W.

Some of the blogs challenge me and teach me valuable lessons. ~ Nancy W.

I love the great variety of voices God is using to minister to people. It encourages me to persevere on my own social outreach. ~ Steve C.

[The tour] has good content which relates to life on staff and being equipped for the long haul. ~ Terry R.

If you’d like to find more Cru bloggers, I’ve compiled a list with links to over 120 Cru bloggers. Thank you for following and encouraging them in their blogging ministries.

A Family Wedding

Mike and I are excited to celebrate our daughter’s wedding with lots of family coming from all over in June. Because of this big event, I decided I’m temporarily dropping out of the blogosphere. I’ll be back in mid-June with the next post for the Byte-Size Series.

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