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Your Blogging Ministry Is Significant

Your Blogging Ministry Is Significant

Yes, your blogging ministry IS significant. If you don’t believe that, I hope to convince you by the end of this post.

I’ve known for years that blogging (web journaling) can be a great ministry tool. Now for the last two years, I’m more convinced that writing and sharing evangelistic content online is much more powerful and strategic than I first realized.

Notice Who’s Out There

Governments, businesses, and institutions know that ideas spread rapidly through social media.

Did you know hundreds of employees in a non-descript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, were hired specifically to write and comment on the Internet? Using fake identities, their purpose is to sow disinformation, discontent, and fear globally. Did you also know the Mormons officially stopped door-to-door witnessing, instead encouraging their 85,000 missionaries to be on the Internet? Their new strategy probably stems from the successes of their women “Mommy bloggers” and of a number of YouTube musicians; these have gained thousands of followers who then might be open to learning more about the Mormons’ beliefs. You probably already know ISIS is very effective at recruiting through social media.

When the Iron Curtain fell, Campus Crusade (now known as Cru) had already begun literature distribution into Eastern Europe and then later into other countries. The Bibles, books, and tracts, or “paper missionaries,” spread further than we could have gone ourselves. We continue to use literature distribution in many parts of the world.

Writing articles on blogs and commenting on social media (microblogging) is similar. The difference today? A gospel message travels in seconds from my computer into homes and hearts.

Where Should You “Set Up Shop”?

I’ll skip over social media in this post, but do want to point out that microblogging is also an effective ministry. Billions are on social media. Pick one (or a few) media sites to share your love for God and man and your faith in Christ. You may even have a decades-long impact through what you write today.  (See The End Is Near… and Why I Love Sharing My Faith Online.)

So, let’s just look at blogging to finish this post. A good place to be is on WordPress.

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WordPress outstrips all other blogging platforms for websites and blogs. The screenshot (above) shows the real-time posts, comments, and likes at (Click here to watch the blinking dots.) WordPress accounts for 58% of content management activity on the Internet. Almost 27% of websites and blogs use WordPress.

According to 13 Surprising WordPress Statistics (Torque Magazine):

In 2016, WordPress blogs “published on average 24 blog posts per second. That comes down to 1,481 blog posts per minute, 88,888 in an hour and just above 2.13 million per day. And that’s not counting those sites for which WordPress cannot collect any statistics….”

WordPress blogs “have garnered a combined average of 22.17 billion pageviews per month. That’s three times as many as there are people on the planet! Let that sink in for a minute… Each month produced on average 46.6 million comments.”

WordPress offers lots of options for you (themes, features, …). You’ll also be able to google more than you need for advice and tips, especially since so many people are using it.

Your Blogging Ministry

“Help!” I hear you say. “How would anyone ever notice my blog posts?”

Yup, there’s 76.5 million WordPress blogs, so I understand your concern. (That’s close to the population of Turkey at 79.8 million.)

I hope I can also be of help to you. I’m focusing more of my time on Cru bloggers, thinking through more resources, tools, and opportunities for you. I know the unique interests and needs of Cru bloggers. In 2009, I started my blog, eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e), specifically to help Cru staff with tech skills, including blogging. (My tips and training are actually available to anyone.)

I appreciate your prayers to know how best to minister to Cru bloggers. How do I help you individually, and as a group, through training and community, to have a greater impact on the Internet?

I feel very privileged to do what I do… and it’s fun! Will you join me in blogging and/or microblogging about the Truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ?

If you’re a Cru blogger and you think I might not be aware of you, or if you know a staff member who is blogging, please contact me at e4e at I want to know about you and your heart for Internet ministry. Don’t forget to include your links.


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