BAM17 Writers’ Tour

BAM17 Writers’ Tour

I’m so excited about the BAM17 Writers’ Tour! For 2017’s tour, I’m featuring bloggers and writers who plan to attend the Bloggers and Authors Meetup (BAM) at Cru17 in July. I hope this tour will raise interest in and excitement for BAM17. (This is the eighth year for e4e’s blog tour and our fourth meetup at a U. S. Staff Conference.)

If my blog tours are new to you, I feature our Cru writers every spring for several weeks. Depending on how many writers submit a post, I add a new post to the tour every few days. I’ll explain a little later on how to follow the tour so you don’t miss a post.

The BAM17 Mission Statement

Thank you to so many of you who have participated in BAM in years past. We’re shaping BAM to be a meaningful and strategic event for Cru writers. Here’s our mission statement for the event:

BAM17 is a gathering of authors, bloggers, and ministry writers at Cru17. BAM provides a venue for Cru writers to network with each other. Additionally, the program will inspire, equip, and encourage our staff in their calling to write for God’s glory and for the good of His people.

We’ll have breakout sessions as a new feature for BAM17 and more opportunities for networking and encouragement. Stay tuned to eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) for more news about BAM (see notes for how to follow e4e). UPDATE (06/13/2017): Sign up for BAM to let us know you’re  coming.

BAM17 Writers’ Tour

Thank you for following the links in the BAM17 Writers’ Tour to “meet” our Cru writers who plan to be at this summer’s BAM. (We hope you’ll meet them in person this July.) The “Upcoming Stops” will be added to the tour over several weeks.


Upcoming Stops

  • This tour is over; however, I’ll be doing another annual tour a year from now. If you’re on Cru staff and want me to know about your blog, contact Sus Schmitt at Cru.

Get on the bus!

“Writers” includes bloggers and others who write on the Internet (e.g., guest posting, writing for a Cru ministry site, etc.) Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any more submissions. The last post for the tour will post on May 19th.

Subscribe or Follow

The best way to know when new posts are added to the tour is to ask for an email alert to the “different stops” on the tour. If you subscribe, you’ll receive a weekly email, on the Fridays during the tour, about the new posts which were added during the previous week.  Click here and subscribe in the email alerts section for the “Current blog tour”.  The default on this form will also subscribe you to a weekly email of eQuipping for eMinistry posts, so look over the different options to determine which email subscriptions and alerts fit your interests.

If you follow me or e4e on any social sites, you’ll also find out about most of the blog entries as I add them to the tour (see notes for links). You could also bookmark this post and come back to it occasionally to read the latest entries, however, I recommend the email subscription so you don’t miss any of the blog posts.

Please share these posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Every Thursday through Friday, use the #FF hashtag (Follow Friday) to help Cru writers get more exposure on social media. Thank you!


Previous Tours

I post most, but not all, of the new tour links on social media. Follow eQuipping for eMinistry or me, Sus Schmitt, on any of the following sites for links to the tour and for news about BAM17.

Why not follow eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) all year through an email MailChimp subscription? e4e is written mainly with Cru global staff in mind, to encourage you to use new-to-you technologies and applications for your ministry. You might also discover a new way to approach what you’re already doing. I’d like to also encourage you to use the Internet for eMinistry. (Win, build, and send on the web!) If you’re baffled by technology or not sure where to start with eMinistry, this site is for you.

If you’re interested in eMinistry through social media or through writing for the web, please contact me.


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