Recommended Podcasts

Last year, I began trying out podcasting. Our daughter let me use her Blue Yeti microphone and I downloaded the free software, Audacity. I plan to post some podcasting how-to’s for my readers this year after I learn a bit more.

Cru Podcasts

I’d also like to eventually have a list of Cru staff and ministries who are podcasting, so please send those names and links along to me. I only know of a few. In order:

My Recommended Podcasts

I’ve been adding to my podcast list. Are you? I often listen while in the kitchen (or another room) to podcasts playing from my desktop. I use an OontZ bluetooth speaker near me so I don’t have to crank up my computer’s speakers.

I regularly listen to:

  • 5 Minutes in Church History by Dr. Stephen Nichols of Ligonier.
  • Science, Scripture, & Salvation by The Institute for Creation Research.
  • Steve Saint shares stories about taking Mincaye from the jungles to trips in America and more. Quite fun to hear what a Stone Age warrior thinks of our culture.
  • Truth for Life with Alistair Begg.
  • Talking Beasts from the fan site,, is one of my favorites because it’s a great podcast for Narnia fans, but also because one of the hosts is our son-in-law, Brian (who goes by Glumpuddle). Right now they’re starting a series going through A Horse and His Boy. I read the “Narnia Nugget” segment as Narnia Nana. If you’re curious, go to 6:00 in this episode to hear one of my readings.
  • Another family connection is with Peter B. Doran’s A History of Oil. Peter is a great story-teller and wrote Breaking Rockefeller, which I recommend. I didn’t know the history of oil and the life of Rockefeller (and contemporaries) could be so interesting. We love to hear Peter’s stories whenever we have a chance to visit with him personally.

I used to love the fun banter of “Click” and “Clack” on Car Talk on the radio. I’m not a car person, but I love to listen to this. Have a good laugh and learn about cars on the CarTalk podcast.

I always thought it would be fun to take a music history course, so I enjoyed learning recently about Beethoven’s nine symphonies.

Shout Outs from Cru Staff

I’ve been collecting recommended podcasts from Cru staff. If you have a favorite, shoot me an email. Let me know the name of your favorite podcast and why. Here’s a start. (I’ve posted an extensive list in part two.)

Barrett: Blue Collar Proud Show. “I listen here to get ideas about the ways successful people implement ideas in areas typically not thought of by society as successful.”

Connie: Church over Coffee is “a fascinating podcast of stories of millennials and how something happens in the church that hurts them and how they put their faith back together. The first episode is about our son who was being mentored by Issac Hunter when he stepped down from Summit Church Orlando.”


  • “I really like Stuff You Missed in History Class. It’s one of the first I listened to, and it kind of ruined other podcasts for me. The hosts are so engaging. They’re natural, but obviously prepared, and their subject material is usually super interesting.
  • “But I also like Typology with Ian Cron, about the Enneagram. He has guests every time, and his interview style is very natural. He also adds in his own thoughts that are helpful.”


  • “I enjoy What Should I Read Next? by Ann Bogel (Modern Mrs Darcy). She follows a similar format every time with a new guest each week. It’s the right balance of information, informality and structure. She started it a year or two ago and you can see how it has matured as a podcast.
  • 99% Invisible is also a favorite. About everyday hidden design. Very high production quality. Love Roman Mars.”

Leah: “My favorite secular podcast is The History Chicks. Amazing storytellers and researchers, and all factual content spoken with little ears in mind also.”


  • “I really like Building a StoryBrand podcast with Donald Miller. The StoryBrand process is helpful in general with clarifying your message. He also has great guests that help me think differently about how I connect with people, do my work, etc.
  • “I also like the ProChurch Tools podcast. This one has a dual purpose for my role in Online Strategies and as a part of the marketing team at my church. If you want to improve the web presence for your church, point them to this website and podcast.”

Ross: “Site Success by Studio Press is an excellent introduction to digital content strategy with guests from Copyblogger. My go-to website for tools I share on my workplace page.”

Why do you like podcasts? What makes one podcast better than the rest in your opinion?


  • Thanks to Kristie, Gina, Kami, Mary Ann, Sam, Nate, Hallie, Kathy, Karen, Barrett, Samantha, Ross, Becca, Connie, Leah, Mike, Kerri, and Kara for your recommendations! (More from these folks in the next post on podcasts.)
  • Peter Doran’s wife, a lawyer, podcasts at Most Foully Murthered, which I haven’t listened to yet.
  • I found the photo on

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