eQuipping for eMinistry Births God Fully Known Blog

For ten years, I’ve helped in various ways to equip staff for eministry. I’ve been fulfilled and glad to help with tech issues from the beginning. The times have changed. What “no one” else was doing ten years ago, MANY people are doing now. (That is, others take care of informing you about: security, social media, Workplace, MPD, . . .)

Ten years ago when I started the eQuipping for eMinistry blog, what I wanted to do was to help bloggers. God is clearly directing me back to the original vision. I’ll be helping creative bloggers through GodFullyKnown.blog.

But there’s more!

eQuipping for eMinistry Births God Fully Known Blog

This new blog will give Cru Creatives a platform so other Cru staff, ministry partners, and others, know about these staff and their creative calling. As children of God, we are all creative in various ways, so this blog is a platform for any creative ministry endeavor by Cru staff. The vision for the blog is to promote Cru Creatives and their art so God is fully seen. I also wish to help connect creative staff and ministries. I also will continue writers’ events, community, and training.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • I’ll keep eQuipping for eMinistry, sharing content on it to help Creatives and others with technical aspects of eMinistry.
    • I moved about 1/5 of the content of eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) to this new blog.
    • I’ll encourage Creatives to go to e4e for help with the how-to’s of blogging, social media, and more.
  • The new blog, GodFullyKnown.blog is still under construction. I view myself as a curator of content from writers, podcasters, artists, photographers, and others. Content could include:
    • Re-posts from Cru blogs
    • Possible audio content
    • Author and artist interviews
    • Book reviews
    • And more
  • I plan to have resource pages to various Cru writers, where to find Cru musicians and artists, etc.

What Do You Want to Receive?

I cleaned up subscription options for eQuipping for eMinistry and added an option to follow GodFullyKnown.blog. Go here to subscribe.

I plan to post weekly on God Fully Known and every other week on eQuipping for eMinistry. Also find God Fully Known on Workplace.

Thank you for your prayers as I work on this new site. Thank you, also, for your encouragement. 

God has been generous in His inspiration for this new direction. I’m very excited.

What do you think?

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