Free Online Institute for Creatives Starts July 22nd

Free Online Crescendo Summer Institute Starts July 22nd

Crescendo is a Christian movement of and with professional musicians and music students – and other artists. Founded in 1985, Crescendo operates worldwide. The international office is in Basel, Switzerland. Crescendo is part of the Swiss interdenominational movement (and association) Campus für Christus / Agape Europe / Cru. They cooperate with cultural institutions and all Christian churches.

You’re invited to follow Crescendo for the next two weeks online (July 22 to August 2). Since 2015, they’ve held a Crescendo Summer Institute (CSI) in Hungary, but had to cancel it. Instead, they’re offering e-CSI 2020, posting snippets each day to their Facebook page. Why not drop in daily for a “virtual CSI?”

And There’s More

You don’t need to register to follow e-CSI 2020 on Facebook, but register here if you’re interested in:

  • listening to inspirational Tune-In broadcasts during the institute July 22 through August 2
  • creating a profile for a Christian Musician’s list to network with other artists
  • receiving the Crescendo International newsletter
  • receiving the bi-weekly Tune-In mailings

Also, follow the Institute on Instagram.

This Institute Is for All Creatives

If you’re creative, you’ll find something to inspire and equip you. Crescendo collected recorded lessons, concert performances, Crescendo-on-the-Streets moments and even a movement workshop. The Tune-In broadcasts take you deeper with inspirational subjects.

Crescendo Summer Institute Schedule

Each day’s program for the Crescendo Summer Institute on Facebook is available starting at  9:00 AM EST (3 PM Hungarian time):

  • 07.22  Opening Ceremony
  • 07.23  Solo Lessons
  • 07.24  Crescendo from Many Streets of the World
  • 07.25  Faculty Concert
  • 07.26  Creative Church
  • 07.27  Solo Lessons
  • 07.28 CSI Dance with Tina
  • 07.29  Homage to Beethoven
  • 07.30  Jazz Concert
  • 07.31  What it means to play in an orchestra
  • 08.01  Instead of Opera Scenes
  • 08.02  Gala Concert

Tune-In Broadcast Schedule

If you register, you’ll have access to inspirational Tune-In broadcasts:

  • 07.23 What Truly Matters – Beat Rink
  • 07.24 The Value of Uncertainty – Andreas Boppart
  • 07.25 Is Art Truly Meaningful? – Max Richter
  • 07.27 Staying Inspired – Delta David Gier
  • 07.28 Is there any Solid Rock Under my Feet? – Hermann Rohde
  • 07.29 The Art of Listening – Bernd Wannenwetsch
  • 07.30 The Challenges of Sitting Quietly in a Room – Krisztina Tarjányi
  • 07.31 Drainless Motivation – Tom Chevi
  • 08.01 That Moment When the Conductor Raises His Hands – Becky Chevis

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