Announcing Judy Douglass’s Podcast: When You Love a Prodigal

Announcing Judy Douglass’s Podcast: When You Love a Prodigal

I’m sure you’ve had times when you couldn’t fit one more thing into your life and schedule. This happened to Judy Douglass very recently.

An Opportunity from God

Judy lives a full life with many opportunities. She wasn’t looking for more to do. Her first response when asked to start a podcast could have been ”no.” But, she took this opportunity to God.

Charisma Podcast Network knew about Judy’s book, When You Love a Prodigal. They approached her, offering to host her for a weekly podcast of the same title.

Judy says she was barely keeping up with what she was already doing and struggling to get a blog post done each week. She had major important projects she hadn’t touched yet.

The thought of weekly podcasting was overwhelming.

She knew this podcast would help her encourage even more people by sharing her journey. She knew they would need someone to walk with them through the wilderness of loving a prodigal.

Her husband, Steve, and her ministry team thought the podcast was ideal for her.

She asked God to confirm yes or no. (She writes about her decision in You Want Me to Do a Podcast?)

The When You Love a Prodigal Podcast

Listen to Judy’s brand-new podcast, When You Love a Prodigal, on your favorite streaming media service. New episodes air on Tuesdays.

Early episodes will introduce Judy and their son, Josh. She will describe her challenging journey with him during his prodigal years. In future episodes, Judy will talk about what God says to us through this journey. She will explain where your prodigal’s choices might be coming from. She plans to include some interviews with helpful, knowledgeable people.

Judy invites you to join her and to tell any of your friends who love a prodigal about this new place for hope and encouragement.

Judy DouglassAbout Judy

Judy Douglass is a writer, speaker, missionary with Cru. Most of all she is an encourager–urging everyone she encounters to know God. She encourages them to entrust their lives to Him for all He wants them to be and all He has prepared for them to do.

She has written a few books. Most recently, When You Love a Prodigal.

In her blog, Kindling, and on her social media sites, she writes about:

  • women,
  • prodigals,
  • becoming a true follower of Jesus,
  • the homeless,
  • grandparenting, and
  • learning from children.

She loves Jesus, her family, Texas, words, books, horses, Mexican food–and quite a few other things.

Judy married a wonderful man, Steve. They have three delightful children and ten superb grandchildren.

She says, “I am amazingly blessed, totally inadequate, woefully unworthy and eternally grateful for the grace and mercy of God.”

Where to find Judy…


  • You’ll find all of Judy’s books there.
  • Visit her blog, Kindling.
  • Listen to the podcast.
  • Listen to audio and video content.
  • Connect with Judy for a speaking engagement.

Social Media


  • Here is Episode 0, a two-minute trailer for the podcast, on Judy’s website.
  • The podcast has a landing page on Judy’s website, Listen to all episodes there or on a podcast streaming service.
  • Visit’s Media Page for:
    • audio and video content,
    • a free prayer booklet,
    • free printables to encourage you,
    • and more.

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