Reflecting Christ to the World (Guest Post)

God Fully Known regularly features content from Cru Creatives. Today’s post is from photographer Mick Haupt.

The Castle of Caernarfon, Wales

Sometimes I ponder again images I have seen hundreds of times and wonder why they bring delight over and over. This Welsh castle is such an enjoyable image to me. I love the color of the lights on the castle walls, especially the hints of green here and there. But what is really powerful to me is the reflection in the perfectly still water. If the water was ripply because of wind, this image wouldn’t have been as strong. It’s that perfect reflection that carries the image for me.

Reflecting Christ

We are image-bearers of God. That means we reflect His glory to the world. Just as in this image the walls would reflect nothing unless light was cast onto them. And there would be no reflection in the water without the light on the walls.

We don’t create our own light, just as the moon cannot. The light comes from another source. Jesus is our source. So when Jesus says, “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven…” He is asking us to reflect what He has done in us to the world that they may see Him and not us.

Reflecting Christ to the World

In this image, Jesus is the light, what He does in us is the light on the walls, and the reflection in the water is what we shine to the world. And the best way to make the reflection perfect is to be as still as possible to let Him do the work. We reflect Him best with a “I must become lesser, and He must become greater” attitude that allows Him to work His truth into our lives.

Prayers of Reflection

Prayers of reflection, of submitting ourselves to His will and work in us so that the world might see Jesus in us:

“Be still and know I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

“Not my will but Yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

Lord, help us reflect you to a world that desperately needs to see more of You and less of me. But still…let Your light shine on me and through me. Amen!

hauptsGuest Post by Mick Haupt

Mick has been on staff with Cru for 30 years. He served with the Campus Ministry for four years, The Jesus Film Project for 11 years and with the Global Leadership Office for the past 15 years. Mick just started a new role on Digital Products & Service’s Content Strategy team.

He is passionate about photography and about the stories his photos tell. His ministry focuses on getting Cru Stock going and building the community of photographers within Cru. He’d love to be a food critic but doesn’t have the time. He lives in Orlando with his wife, Clarice, and two rambunctious boys.

Follow Mick’s insightful photo blog, Wandering 40 Days.

Find him also on Instagram, Twitter and Workplace.


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