Bringing More Creativity to Your Ministry (Guest Post)

Shawn Cramer encourages usĀ to set boundaries for our days in order to ask “what if?”

Bringing More Creativity to Your Ministry

Do you have time to think about “what could be?” Have you found a way to leave time for creativity?

As I reflect on 2021, I was way too swamped. My word for 2022 is “creative margin.”

Creative Margin

The idea of bringing more creativity to my ministry energizes me. At the same time, I sense that I’m a slave to the tyranny of the urgent. I need more extended periods of uninterrupted time for creativity. Rhythms of deep rest and deep, substantive work boost the creative quality of my work.

It’s impossible to thrive while constantly stimulated. We must carve out time and create margin to ask the questions, “What if?” and “Why not?”


Do you have time for deep, creative work?

How do you leave time for rest and reflection? What will you do this coming year?

One Application, Several Tips

Starting work by opening your inbox is fatal to creative, deep work.

Aiming for creative work means a new relationship with your email. For practical tips, see my video on eQuipping for eMinistry.

Guest Post by Shawn Cramer

Shawn helps lead an Innovation Lab with Cru and finds his sweet spot when he’s creating something, fostering learning, and helping others’ dreams become reality.

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