Resonate: Bible Reading Plan on YouVersion

Resonate: Bible Reading Plan on YouVersion

Today, I finished a ten-day reading plan on YouVersion, Resonate: A Musical Documentary on God and Creativity.

This plan caught my eye because God has been speaking to me about the importance of creativity. I recommend this plan to stretch your thinking about this topic.

Consider these devotional meditations:

  • We are all creative because our Father God is creative.
  • Being creative includes much more than fine arts or in being a professional.
  • We’re encouraged to be creative in community.
  • Express your creativity in grief.
  • Creativity and your identity.
  • Tell stories even when some “don’t get” your message.

If you’re exploring creativity and how God may be leading you, I recommend this devotional.


  • Brianna Gaither started the Resonate Campaign, which offers the reading plan.
    • From the website: “Resonate is an initiative pursuing relationship with God as a Creator in order to develop excellence in our mirroring creativity, that the beauty of God would revive the heart of man.”
  • The screenshot is from her official music video, I Won’t Rest Until.
  • Her 46-minute documentary, Resonate, is $4.99 to rent.

What do you think?

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