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eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) focuses on connecting with people and on using technology for ministering to others.  e4e has three methods to help you discover the information you need on this site.

  1. Stay here, on the Get Started page, for an explanation on how to use pages, menus, tags, and categories to find what you need.
  2. Start at Your Ministry page to think through the people in your life, and your current tech activity, to help you discover what tools might assist you in your ministry.
  3. How-tos are either step-by-step guides or a collection of “tutorial” posts from the e4e blog. Visit the How-tos page for help.

Pages, menus, tags, and categories on eQuipping for eMinistry

If you use the search window to find topics, you might want to look up some of these popular topics that don’t have a category or tag:

In addition to “search,” the pages, categories, tags, and menus will help you find what you’re looking for.  Let these features narrow your search for you. Taking the time to read the rest of this page will make e4e a more useful tool for you.

Categories and tags

If you want a broader look at something, clicking  on one of the categories or tags in the right sidebar will bring up all e4e blog posts about that subject in chronological order.  You’ll notice a drop-down list of categories arranged like a table of contents for the blog posts. Beneath that is a tag cloud,  Look for These Topics, similar to the index in the back of a book; the larger the tag, the more blog posts were written on that topic.

Categories and tags are also listed beneath each blog post.   If you enjoyed a post, try clicking on one of the categories or tags to find a similar blog post. (The tag might take you to other sites outside of e4e.)

Here’s a few categories and tags you might be interested in.  Check the right sidebar for more:


You’re going to love the menus in this blog!  Go over to the right sidebar and try them out!  You’ll also find them at the top of the page.  The “tutorials” in the menus are more specific than categories and tags.  For example, try clicking on the tutorial for MPD.

I use pairs of categories or tags to provide the specific links in tutorials and in the Get StartedYour Ministry, and How-tos pages.  You can make your own tutorial by following these steps:

  1. Click on two categories or two tags.  You’ll notice the url reads
  2. Combine your two choices with a + sign (you can’t mix categories and tags):
  3. Here’s a sample I made for top posts on social media:

Pages on eQuipping for eMinistry

Hopefully, looking through the pages in the left sidebar should give you a basic understanding of the structure and content of this site.  Think of the pages listed on the left as a table of contents for the whole site (the categories are the “table of contents” for the blog only).

Here’s a few additional tips that aren’t apparent in just looking at the titles:

  • Top Posts and Pages has links to the most popular blog posts and pages for the past quarter and also since day one of e4e.  This page also has recommended posts in general and also specifically for the creator, conversationalist, collector, or newcomer.  (You’ll have to visit Where Are You on the Social Media Ladder? to find out which one you are.)
  • Things You Really Should Know discusses security and other important issues that… you really should know.
  • Why Technology + Ministry? should help you decide why you would want to learn technology to enhance your ministry and what you might be able to do with your new tech skills to touch people’s lives.  This page has a special message for Campus Crusade for Christ staff.

CCC staff, so we can better serve you, please subscribe here to receive weekly emails of e4e posts, notifications of training, and more.

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