Blogs and Websites How-tos

I’m excited that you want to start a blog or a website. eQuipping for eMinistry is here to help you!

I recommend this article as a minimum amount of research on the different blogging platforms.  (For free options in general, blogger would be one of the easiest for a beginner; is becoming the most popular platform). I also wrote WordPress or Blogspot or Tumblr? to help you choose a platform with examples of  these platforms by Campus Crusade bloggers.

If you want to pay for your own unique URL (for example, instead of, this article will help you think through whether you would want to pay for instead of (this isn’t your only option; I’m just trying to keep this simple for you).


Top Posts

How to blog

The internet has videos and advice on how to get started with any of the platforms you choose.  Try one of these complete tutorials for


Just from my own experience, I’ve used both and to build a website.  I highly recommend these as easy-to-do options.  Keynote offers WordPress help and the Cru Blog Starter Kit (templates and instructions for a quick Cru website).


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