Maximizing TntMPD

TntMPD 470x140TntMPD is a free software that helps you manage your relationships with your donors.  I highly recommend TntMPD to manage your names, addresses, email addresses, birthdays and anniversaries.   For those of you not keeping track of ministry partners, TntMPD is still a great contact management tool.

Just to give you that little nudge to start using TntMPD, I’ll try to think of everything I use it for.  I used other software for over 15 years, but I would not go back.  TntMPD does all that the other (pricey) software did and actually does more.  It’s easy to manage my database of almost 700 names!

TntMPD has all the information you need to start using it online.   Don’t worry if you already have your names and addresses in another file, follow these directions to import your names to TntMPD from Excel or Word or from Outlook or a Text file.  Since TntMPD uses Window, go to this link if you are using a MAC.

Once you have basic information, you can gather more personal information.  (See this upcoming post.)

As of this writing, TntMPD is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Thai.

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