“Tutorials” are chronological how-to posts from the blog page.  Tutorials are  also specific.  For instance, instead of wading through all the posts about blogging (on getting started, about others’ blogging experiences, on using photos on a blog, etc.), you might just want to check out a tutorial on evangelistic blogging.  The tutorials are also listed in more detail in the left sidebar in the black text box.

More about How-tos and Tutorials

Again, to help you understand the distinction, “How-tos” at the top of the page is a page with many sub-pages under it.  These are written step-by-step directions. The “tutorials” are just links to blog posts which contain step-by-step instructions.  Go to the Get Started page for further explanations.   I hope I’m not confusing you!

2014-you can too 470x140

The You-Can-Too Series of 2014

In 2014, e4e features posts on the first and third Tuesday of each month to help staff learn about databases, websites, communication, social media and more. Here’s the Table of Contents for the series.

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