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favicon blueeQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) focuses on connecting with people and on using technology for ministering to others.  e4e has three methods to help you discover the information you need on this site.

  1. Visit the Get Started page for an explanation on how to use pages, menus, tags, and categories to find what you need.
  2. How-tos are either step-by-step guides or a collection of “tutorial” posts from the e4e blog. Visit the How-tos page for help.
  3. Start here at Your Ministry page to think through the people in your life, and your current tech activity, to help you discover what tools might assist you in your ministry.

This Page Has “Two Parts”

To find content pertinent to your level of technology use, take a minute to check the charts on Where Are You on the Social Media Ladder?  Are you a creator, conversationalist, collector, or newcomer?  Knowing this may help you find the content you need on eQuipping for eMinistry.  (Follow the link and I’ll bring you back to this spot to continue reading.)

Now, back on this page, let’s consider the people in your life

The rest of this page is designed to help you explore how you might be able to minister through technology. (You might also enjoy reading stories from others who’ve used technology for ministry.)

Yes, a keyboard shortcut and a how-to on uploading photos may be good to know and will even be related in some way to ministry, but the bottom line in the content of this site is to help you:

  1. stay in touch with those who love you and need to hear from you,
  2. encourage others who work along side you, and
  3. love people into God’s kingdom and build them in their faith.

The following links will help you relate your world to specific technology that could even enhance or expand your ministry.  Scroll through the bold headings and click on any of the bulleted items underneath them.  You’ll  find blog posts that are about the technology (blogs, eMail, Twitter,…) as well as the heading (family, discipling, etc.)  Links with an asterisk will take you outside of e4e.


If you have a ministry with your family we have posts  about health issues, elderly parents, raising children, and more.

Office and Home Office

If you work in an an office or you compose prayer letters, eMails, thank you notes, blog posts, Bible studies, books, and more, then e4e has a variety of posts for you.


We can help you improve your A.I.M. (appreciation, information, ministering) for MPD through:

Sharing the Good News


Just Keeping Track of People!

NOTES:  Just a few of the links  on this page don’t work because I’m either editing content and categories OR  I haven’t posted on that topic yet.

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