2014 You-Can-Too Series Giveaways

Kindle Fire HDX 7

How to Enter the 2014 You-Can-Too Series Giveaway

Ripple EffectUPDATE (November 14, 2014: Nobody submitted an entry for this giveaway. I apologize for making this all too complex. I’m simplifying the entry process and extending the entry deadline.

NUMBER ONE: You must be employed by Campus Crusade for Christ, International.
You must be able to receive a gift through Amazon.com. The last day to submit an entry is November 30, 2014.

NUMBER TWO: Everyone entering the giveaway is required to read Marilyn Adamson’s new eBook, The Ripple Effect (she’s updated it since the first release). Prayerfully consider using her suggestions for ministry. Her evangelistic ideas are easy to do and could change the way you do ministry.


Write a paragraph or two of how eQuipping for eMinistry has helped you. (It’s optional to mention the You-Can-Too series.)

I’ve been writing this blog for five years, so here’s some possible topics to jog your memory:

  • Did you update your give.cru.org site (or specific giving site to your country)?
  • Have you learned some money-saving ideas for your batteries and/or printers?
  • Were you sending prayer letters as a PDF attachment to an email and now send the letter in the body of your email (with or without MailChimp)?
  • Did you start using a central database?
  • Are you making a regular habit of connecting with donors through social media?
  • Are you aware of security issues and taking steps to safeguard your devices and/or protect your disciples?

What’s your eQuipping for eMinistry “changed life” story?

The Prizes

Depending on how many entries I receive and the variety of the responses, I’ll have these possible gifts.

The First Giveaway Level

Read The Ripple Effect and also describe one thing you’re doing because of eQuipping for eMinistry.capsule speaker - Copy

Prize: Portable speaker

The Second Giveaway Level

Read The Ripple Effect and also describe two things you’re doing because of eQuipping for eMinistry.

tracker and music 470x140

Prizes: Wireless activity tracker  OR  iPod Shuffle OR   bluetooth music receiver

The Third Giveaway Level

Read The Ripple Effect and also describe three things you’re doing because of eQuipping for eMinistry.

hard drive 470x140

Prizes: Wireless media drive  OR  WD external hard drive  OR  Seagate external hard drive

The Fourth Giveaway Level

Google Nexus 7Read Marilyn’s book and describe four or more things you’re doing because of eQuipping for eMinistry. You could qualify for one of the grand prizes: either a Nexus 7 tablet from Google OR a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ tablet (see image at top of page). The tablets are worth about $260.


Earn tie-breakers by inviting others to the giveaway and/or to subscribe to eQuipping for eMinistry, you each get the tie-breaker point.

Women’s Resources, the Global Technology Office, and several others, contributed to provide these incentive gifts for you. Leadership here at headquarters wants you to learn and succeed in technology ministry tools.

Prize availability: Even as I was creating this page, items were dropping off my shopping cart. I will do my best to provide the prizes that the winners are interested in. Depending on how many participate (and how much you do), I may have two winners for each level, or eight winners.

Sign up for the giveaway! You could be one of two winners of a tablet.


  • Winners will be announced December 12, 2014.
  • Are you overseas? I want to include you if I possibly can. I’m confirming that I’ll be able to send prizes overseas or not. According to Amazon’s international page, I should be able to at least send prizes to Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

2014-you can too 750x380

Visit the Table of Contents for the You-Can-Too series posts.

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