Where Are You on the Social Media Ladder?

Do you rarely venture on the internet, or are you a dedicated blogger, or maybe someone inbetween?  This page will help you find a selection of posts on eQuipping for eMinistry that are more suited to your tech skills and involvement.

When I saw Forrester’s ladder diagram (learn more about the ladder diagram on this post), I decided to make a similar chart to help you decide which of the groups best describes you.    I decided on four larger groups that incorporate some of the more detailed groups on the ladder.

e4e Social Media Levels



  • Publishes a blog and/or web page
  • Uploads a video, music or audio she created
  • Writes articles or stories and posts them


  • Regularly updates on Twitter or Facebook
  • Posts ratings and reviews
  • Comments on blogs
  • Contributes to online forums
  • Edits articles in a wiki
  • Maintains a profile on a social networking site


  • Reads blogs, online forums and/or tweets
  • Uses RSS feeds
  • Watches videos and listens to podcasts
  • Votes or tags web pages and photos


  • Someone who is doing none of the above still has plenty of tech needs, such as for MPD, mobile phones, prayer letters, …
  • Also this person may want to start  at some time as a collector or conversationalist.


  • Clicking on your group (in the above table or in the right sidebar under categories or menus) will take you to blog posts that should be of particular interest to you.
  • Perhaps you may actually be interested in trying out a different group, if you’re thinking about starting to blog, for instance.
  • Here’s your link to go return you to the spot you were reading on Your Ministry page to consider the people in your life and how you might be able to use technology in ministering to them.

What do you think?

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