Blogging for Ministry in Community

About twenty staff gathered around a table for an hour at CSU2011 to discuss evangelistic blogging.  Of course, the interest was high and therefore I wanted to somehow continue the discussion online.  So, I created a Facebook group devoted to blogging for ministry which I hope will:

  • help CCC staff and friends with blogging as a ministry, and
  • help us know each other and our blogs.

(We may end up with more or better ways to do this.  Let me know if using Facebook is a problem for you.)

This “secure” group is for Campus Crusade for Christ staff and friends who already blog for ministry or want to learn how.  We can learn from each other about how we disciple believers, connect with unbelievers and/or with our supporters.  It’s not completely “secure” because it’s on Facebook’s servers, but I created it as an invitation-only group so only the “eQuipping You for eMinistry” group can see what we are discussing.

This week we have a discussion about  optimizing your “About Page”.  Follow the link if you’d like to do that, but we’d love to have you be a part of the group with us. You could get to know other bloggers and improve your blogging ministry. We have over 100 from all over the world in our group.  Join us by commenting here.

If you know others who are staff, partners, disciples, or volunteers with CCC, please forward this invitation to them or you may invite them to this group after you become a member.

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