When Ideas Become Impact (Guest Post)

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Simon Seow guest posts today about new eMinistry strategies: Digital Day of Outreach and WatchThinkChat.

When Ideas Become Impact…

One of my joys is helping leaders to take hold of ideas and strategies and to run with them, trusting God to use their creativity and courage to enlarge their impact. The digital team from Philippines Campus Crusade for Christ are digital leaders, hosting several effective eMinistry events in just a matter of months.

We connected with this digital team at Global Digital Strategy’s Indigitous Hong Kong conference in April 2014. They have really followed through with some of the ideas they learned at the conference.

First of all, they put together a Digital Day of Outreach (in July 2014). Using the WatchThinkChat media chat platform our Global Digital Strategies team created, they engaged over 1,500 in spiritual conversations that day and also saw many come to faith in Christ. Learn how they are making an impact for Jesus through this video.

Impacting Students

Three weeks ago, they did it again.

This time they gathered 100 students from around the country. During the Digital Day of Outreach, these students chatted with friends and family (sometimes presenting the gospel for the first time). 84 people said they wanted to start a personal relationship with Jesus. It was really encouraging that 42 people committed to be a spiritual leader for their university as well.

Next month, they’ll do the outreach again, this time with 200 small group leaders from the largest church in Manila.

Impacting Your Friends and Family

It’s your turn!

Next week, you have the opportunity to participate in our very first Lake Hart Digital Day of Outreach. Come and join others in learning how you can meaningfully connect and reach out to your friends and family online. You’ll use the same media chat platform, WatchThinkChat, that the Philippines CCC ministry used successfully.

Make time next Thursday, September 18th, 1:00pm – 3:30pm, at our Orlando headquarters for this very special opportunity.  Sign up here!

If you are not in Orlando and want to learn more about this strategy, contact me @Simon_Seow  or through e4e at cru dot org.

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Guest Post by:

Simon Seow, Digital Strategist on the CCCI Global Digital Strategies VP team in Orlando

Simon cares about bringing the unchanging message to a changing generation, a changing world. God has written this burden into his story through making him a creative who likes new ideas. He first experienced this through launching and leading the Creative Communications ministry team in Singapore. He’s married and the shepherd of three little ones.

Follow Simon @Simon_Seow and on the Indigitous.org blog.


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