Why 7 Cru Staff Are Going to BAM

Terry 750x380

I asked seven of our Cru staff: “Why are you going to the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up (BAM)? What’s the benefit to you or to others?”

Terry Morgan

Blogging at Mentors4Movements.com and in English and Spanish at maturitascafe.com.

I enjoy meeting new people, learning from their experiences, and sharing best practices! Lots of ideas and encouragement!

Barbara 200Barbara Culwell

I’m looking forward to BAM! Excited to hear from other inspiring Cru staff and friends about their journey in writing as they share their stories and passions.

I hope to get practical ideas for myself for me and my ministry. Can’t wait!

Cindi 400x400Cindi Ferrini

Author of several books: Balancing the Active Life, Getting It Together, No Regrets, and Unexpected Journey. Blogging at Joe and Cindi Ferrini.

I’m coming for the first time, so I want to learn….whatever there is to learn!


Gina 400Gina Butz

Blogging at The View from Here (GinaButz.com).

I’m going to BAM in part because I am hoping to talk with some published authors about getting published myself! I have been working on my second book and this time I don’t want to go the self-publishing route. But it’s also just fun to go and talk with other writers and bloggers and hear what God is doing through everyone. It’s encouraging to see God using so many staff in different ways.

Lori 400Lori Joiner

Author of  Discipling Women and Start Here. Blogging at LoriJoiner.com.

I am personally going to BAM as I highly enjoy meeting new people, celebrating other’s achievements, and seeing how God is using more and more Cru staff in the writing, author, blogger world! I also need to do a MUCH better job in my blogging and hoping to pick up some good fresh tips in this area. I think I can help others in finding the time and balancing  writing and speaking while being a mom of two young children!

Stephanie 400Stephanie Reeves

Writer for Cru and blogging at Compelled (stephreeves.wordpress.com).

I’m attending BAM because I hope to meet people who have blogged successfully and to gain from their wisdom. I’d love to see my readership grow in order to influence more people to grow in the Lord. My desire is to write books someday, so I’d love to position myself to do that and see what God will do.

Tez 200Tez Brooks

Author, The Single Dad Detour. Blogging at EverySingleDad.com.

Cru staff are not standing in line to buy a book for single dads. So for me, attending BAM is not about sales. It’s more about helping other writers who need encouragement by sharing my journey and letting them know they can have a real ministry for people using Cru as a platform.

Maybe you would have a similar reason for attending. Meet these staff in person at BAM…. and follow the links by their names to check out their writing.

NOTES: Information on the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up (BAM)

  • BAM is for everyone:  Want to start a blog? Interested in chatting with a favorite author? Need writing or publishing tips? Please come!
  • The event is during Cru15 at CSU in the Pavilion Lounge of the new Laurel Village which is right next to Durrell.
  • The date is July 16. Come anytime 4:30 to 6:00.
  • Sign up on the Facebook event page to let me know you’re coming.
  • We’ll have giveaways at different times during BAM. See the list of giveaways (Kindle Fires and books) on Google Drive: BAM giveaways.

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