8 Perspectives on Why Writing Is a Significant Ministry

I asked a number of our Cru writers: “Why do you think writing is a significant ministry?” Listen to their hearts… and then follow the links to check out their writing.  Also, meet them in person at the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up July 16th at Cru15.

2014 Tez laugh 750Tez Brooks

Author, The Single Dad Detour. Blogging at EverySingleDad.com.

Writing is significant for ministry because of the scope and reach it gives your message when you normally would have to wait for people to come to you before they hear you in person. It also helps you craft the message better and have more people speaking into your writing (i.e. editors, critique groups, etc) than you would other media. You often don’t get the advantage of this when attempting to speak publicly or on the spot. Finally, people still read (despite popular opinion) and they often want to absorb a message in pieces, on their own time schedule. The written word allows readers to return to the message at leisure and study what you’ve written.

Terry Morgan 300Terry Morgan

Blogging at Mentors4Movements.com and in English and Spanish at maturitascafe.com.

Blogging is a two-way conversation. It is a great way to present truth, encouragement, and tips to a wider audience than I could ever have face-to-face in a day.  Then it also gives people opportunities to reflect, respond, and share with others. I love that so many not-yet-believers visit and read my blog.

Stephanie 400Stephanie Reeves

Writer for Cru and blogging at Compelled (stephreeves.wordpress.com).

I think writing is a significant ministry because words speak strongly to people. I know “they” say that people don’t take the time to read things nowadays, but I find that people appreciate well-written words and well-thought-through statements. No, you can’t go on and on, but short and to-the-point writings make an impact and are shared and remembered.

Lori 400Lori Joiner

Author of  Discipling Women and Start Here. Blogging at LoriJoiner.com.

Transferability has always been a main thrust of my writing as I seek to pass on what I have learned in ministry over the years (best practices as well as pitfalls). Writing is significant in ministry to continually be learning, processing and sharing with others what God is doing in and through us.

Holly 400Holly Melton

Author of Follow My Lead: Responding to God’s Voice in Everyday Encounters.

I am actually more passionate about speaking than I am writing, but I knew that when I speak on a topic I am passionate about, it can be inspiring to the audience, but they can quickly forget the content to really apply it to their lives.  If I write about it, they can read it more than once, share it with others, and ponder it better.  Also, if people read what I wrote before they hear me speak, it might give me more opportunities to speak to new audiences.  As a mom of two, I am thankful that I wrote a book because I feel like I can continue to multiply myself in others in a different way!

Gina 400Gina Butz

Blogging at The View from Here (GinaButz.com).

I think any ministry is significant if you are passionate about what you’re sharing and willing to be used of God in it. For me personally, writing is such a joy and a natural outlet for me to express myself; it’s even better that God would use it to speak truth and encouragement to others. On a broader scale, I think writing is a great opportunity to reach into places you might never be able to go, and to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. There are so many ways you can use writing as a ministry – to encourage, to challenge, to teach, to invite, to speak truth, to reveal God. It’s exciting to see how God uses different peoples’ different voices to minister through writing.

Debbie 400Debbie McGoldrick

Blogging at NBS2Go (Neighborhood Bible Study).

Like Paul’s ministry of the pen which continues to multiply centuries after his personal ministry ended…I believe God can use any words He’s written through me to impact many generations to come, if He so chooses!

Cindi 400x400Cindi Ferrini

Author of several books: Balancing the Active Life, Getting It Together, No Regrets, and Unexpected Journey. Blogging at Joe and Cindi Ferrini.

My intention is to offer help and give hope by way of encouragement.

People can “get to it” any time of day…it’s not a scheduled meeting, it’s a time for an individual to be encouraged when they have the time to read.

NOTE: Information on the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up (BAM)

  • BAM is for everyone:  Want to start a blog? Interested in chatting with a favorite author? Need writing or publishing tips? Please come!
  • The event is during Cru15 at CSU in the Pavilion Lounge of the new Laurel Village which is right next to Durrell.
  • The date is July 16. Come anytime 4:30 to 6:00.
  • Sign up on the Facebook event page to let me know you’re coming.
  • We’ll have giveaways at different times during BAM. See the list of giveaways (Kindle Fires and books) on Google Drive: BAM giveaways.

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