See You at BAM17 This Week

See You at BAM17

Judy Douglass is sponsoring BAM again at Cru17. We’ll be meeting on July 20th 3:30 to 5:30 PM in the Pavilion Lounge in Laurel Village. This is a great time of fellowship and networking for 200+ Cru writers. Some are well-known (more about this in a minute); others may be wannabes and looking for some advice. Whether you’re polishing your first novel or you’re a mommy blogger or write for a Cru ministry—you’re sure to find your peeps at BAM17.


In addition to lots of mingling, we have BAMCrams, 15-minute talks which will be taped for later viewing and also be on Facebook Live. All times are Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -7):

BAM17 Giveaways and More

We’ll also have awesome giveaways like book bundles, Kindle Fires, and Scrivener software. By inviting others you get a “second ticket in the hat” for our drawings. Leaving your business card with us also gives you another chance for a door prize.

Please let us know you’re coming on BAM’s Facebook event page.

Carolyn Custis James

Judy invited a friend of hers to BAM, Carolyn Custis James. Carolyn’s speaking and writing ministry encourages women and men to extend God’s kingdom together. I’ll have Judy introduce you to her. Judy writes:

Carolyn Custis James is a sweet friend of mine—and we have a lot in common. We love to read, to write, to speak, to love a prodigal, even to follow sports—though not the same teams.  And we are both passionate about helping God’s daughters—His ezers—to be and do all God created them for.

“I have read all of Carolyn’s books—and each one has built up the previous one.  Carolyn has given solid theological truth for what I saw was God’s desire for His daughters.

“She is at Cru17 to speak at the Jesus Film breakout, but I wanted to give more of you a chance to meet her.  We will give a space for her at the BAM meet-up—you can say hi, ask questions, ask her to sign a book.”

You might want to stop in the bookstore to buy Malestrom or Half the Church. She’ll be happy to sign these. We’ll be giving away a few of her books, too.

And There’s Even More!

During BAM we’ll be celebrating our Cru staff who published books in the past two years. Why not pick up some books from Cru authors at the Cru17 bookstore and have them signed at BAM? (Click here for the authors and their book titles.)

In addition, more than a half-dozen Cru staff will be attending who are offering opportunities for writers if you’re looking for new ways to use your gift.

I haven’t covered every detail. If you want to know more, listen to this podcast.

Also, I’m maintaining your one-stop spot for Cru17 about everything you’ll want to know about social sites, events, hashtags, the Cru app, video, and audio content, just go to


I’m enjoying visiting with quite a few staff who hadn’t heard of BAM before. I also learned that BAM stands for Business as Mission, so I’ve had to clear that up a number of times. This is the fourth BAM at Cru’s National Staff Conference. BAM stands for two things:

  • Bloggers and Authors Meet-up (what it is)
  • Bloggers, Authors, and Ministry Writers (who’s invited)

Another small mix-up we didn’t anticipate is that one tent outside Moby is called Pavilion. We’ll be meeting in a building, the Pavilion Lounge, across the street from Moby. Thanks for clearing either of these up with your friends that you’ve invited.

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