BAM Crams Are a Hit at Cru17

Welcoming our writers to BAM

“At first we thought we don’t belong here.”

I was talking to two Cru writers who are just starting out. When they arrived at BAM17 (the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up at Cru17), they looked around the room at the established authors and felt out-of-place, but they stayed and were glad they did. They left with tools and with encouragement.

I was encouraged, too, talking to them and watching our staff respond to our BAM Crams.

During BAM, an event at Cru17 for bloggers, authors, and ministry writers,  more than 130 people gathered to network and to gather some advice to continue to pursue their gift of writing. The buzz of conversation filled the room.

BAM Crams Are a Hit at Cru17

Anne Marie and Heather

BAM Crams were new this year. Anne Marie Winz arranged for our speakers and their topics. We had three short talks which most everyone wanted to hear.

Our speakers, Heather, Gina, and Tez, were excellent. We were able to record these talks for you. I hope to publish the content of their talks in the near future as blog posts on eQuipping for eMinistry. Meanwhile, here’s the links to listen in:

Dr. Heather Holleman spoke with us about “Writing With Flair: 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Writing.” Click on to see her video on Google Drive.

Here’s a quick outline:

  1. Are you writing a book that helps you love God and others more?
  2. Why this? Why now?
  3. What are we going to miss if you don’t write this?
  4. What question is your writing trying to answer? What is that answer?
  5. What authorizes me to write this?
Gina Butz

Gina Butz shared with us “10 Ways to Find and Keep Your Writing Mojo.” Click on to see Gina’s video on Google Drive. Read a “transcript” of her talk and find a link to her resources at: Finding and Keeping Your Blogging Mojo.

Her 10 Tips:

  1. Just write
  2. Be confident
  3. Seek inspiration
  4. Be intentional
  5. Invest in your writing
  6. Pace yourself
  7. Be bold
  8. Don’t go it alone
  9. Expect failure and rejection
  10. Stay grounded in truth
Tez Brooks

Tez Brooks gave a talk at BAM entitled “Understanding the Book Industry” with several tips on how to increase your chances of getting traditionally published. Click on to see his video on Google Drive.

An outline of Tez’ talk:

  1. Read lots of books
  2. Write, write, write
  3. Submit your work
  4. Develop a thick skin (20 rejections for 1 acceptance)
  5. Develop a book proposal
  6. Attend a writer’s conference
  7. Decide on traditional or the self-published road

What Do You Think of BAM17?

Like our previous events, we had our blessings and our glitches. If you attended BAM at Cru17 or watched the BAM Crams videos, please complete our survey so we can better meet the needs of writers in Cru.

Join Our Writers Group

The Bloggers and Authors Meet-up set the stage for staff members to create a visible and supportive community of people who desire to use their stories to explain the gospel to others. Whether or not you attended BAM at Cru17, if you want to join the conversation, find Cru authors and bloggers on Facebook in the Cru Writers Guild group.

Enjoy Our Photos from BAM17

Judy Douglass and Carolyn Custis James

Our photographer, Mick, has some great photos of BAM in this Flickr Photo Album.

Judy Douglass brought her friend, Carolyn Custis James, to BAM.


Many more people made BAM17 a reality. A big thank you to the Cru17 team for taking care of us and also to (in no particular order):

I’ve included links. I hope you’ll visit their sites and find a new blogger to follow.

5 thoughts on “BAM Crams Are a Hit at Cru17

  1. Thanks for the easy links to the BAM Crams! I enjoyed listening to them. Sadly they are all cut off before the end of the author’s sessions, so it left me wanting to hear more… I guess I’ll have to follow those folks to continue to hear what they have to say! 🙂


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