Pairing Food with the Gospel (Guest Post)

Have you been hungering for a gourmet meal and good conversation around your dining room table? What if you could write to inspire those conversations?

Hello everyone, my name is Gary Stevenson, I’ve been on staff with Power to Change in Canada for 21 years. I’m the creative director of a rather new ministry called Theo’s Feast. We pair food to story, inspiring community, and meaningful conversations. Our dinners are designed to be spiritual gateways for believers and not-yet believers.

I’ve created over 60 recipes inspired by Gospel stories that I call edible metaphors. Each edible metaphor inspires organic spiritual conversations. Dinner guests enjoy the dishes and engage with the short story that inspired them. We have used recipes as a canvas to communicate the Gospel since 2014.

Click this image for the recipe at Theo’s Feast.

Pairing Food with the Gospel

Theo’s Feast is inspired by the concept of Theophany – a physical manifestation of God, tangible to the human senses. We have hosted over 2000 dinner guests. Believers and not-yet believers taste the connections between the spiritual and physical.

My most memorable event came after U2 toured our city. The next day, we held a dinner with the music of U2 as a theme. Forty guests enjoyed the background music and the U2-themed food.

About 3/4 of the way into the evening, I visited tables, asking if the message made sense. I asked Chelsey, a third-year grad student, who replied, “This has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life!”

Stunned, I tugged on my ear and asked if she could say it again. I thought I was hearing things. She and most of the other guests had all been at the U2 concert the night before.

Pushing back her chair, Chelsey stood and yelled the same words across the room for everyone to hear. I was shocked, humbled, and grateful to see God at work.

Learn More about Theo’s Feast

You’re welcome to check out my website at to get a taste of what I’m doing. The About page is a good place to start. I also have social media links below.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • I’d love for you to consider this concept for your ministry and check out my recipes. Each has a spiritual story to share with the food. Most are themed. (I have a series that goes along with the Alpha Course.)
  • I’m burdened by the current events in Afghanistan. I created a recipe to offer hope to the Afghani people during this troubling time. Read the “Haft Mewa Afghani Chocolate Tart: Hope for Afghanistan” post.
  • I’ve been discussing with Cru Press about publishing some cookbooks.
  • I’m also on the verge of publishing a video series.

Help with the Message of Theo’s Feast

I’m looking for a few writers to help me refine and edit the stories connected to my various dishes. All the stories are evangelistic in nature.

I’m not a writer. Your talents would help flesh out the ideas of taking the dishes to the Gospel. Please let me know of your interest in collaborating with me.

My blog posts inspire Christians to share the Gospel through dinner parties. The next blog series theme is “The End of The End-of-the-World Supper Club”. My hope is to reach many as we come out of the worldwide Covid 19 lockdowns.

Feel free to reach out to me, ask any questions you might have. And even try a few of my recipes!

Guest Post by Gary Stevenson

Gary has served on staff with Power to Change as a university chaplain for 21 years. He has served in Nicaragua and at Simon Fraser University. He has used his passion for Jesus and his love for people to design outreaches that have been fruitful at SFU. Power to Change has used these on university campuses across Canada.

Gary is a self-taught home cook who loves to pair food with Biblically-inspired stories. Gary and Lynda have been married for over 18 years and have three children. In his spare time, Gary enjoys riding his off-road motorcycle, woodworking, and spending time with his family.


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