Pulling Back the Iron Curtain Book Review

Pulling Back the Iron Curtain Book Review

In her newest book, Pulling Back the Iron Curtain: Stories from a Cold War Missionary, Debby Thompson pulls back her own curtain to take you into her faith journey. Working secretly, she could not share the stories of her life in Poland during the Cold War. Until now. Pulling Back the Iron Curtain: Stories from a Cold War Missionary will be released on October 12, 2021.

Debby and her husband, Larry, agreed to move to Communist Poland in 1977. She could not have foreseen the challenges she would face personally and as a wife and mother. God was close beside her in all the ups and downs of navigating a different world.

Not only does Debby share her unique experiences, but she admits her fears and mistakes. She shares very personal lessons which God taught her that can apply to anyone, anywhere.

I made a note of her advice about never asking hurting people to explain what they think God is teaching them (see page 91).

From her experience, she concluded, “in difficult circumstances. . .

“. . . sometimes it is difficult to ascertain what God is teaching us.

“. . . most often, it does not matter what God is teaching us; it only matters who God is.

“. . . a shoulder, not a question is needed.”

I’m not quite finished with Debby’s book. I’m looking forward to reading about December 13, 1981. Poland declared martial law while Larry was out of the country. With great difficulty, he made it back to his young family. As tense as that story is . . . there’s more. I peeked, but you’ll have to read it for yourself.

About the Author

Debby Thompson and her husband, Larry, have served in global missions with Cru® (Campus Crusade for Christ International®) since 1974. They moved to communist Poland in 1977 with their infant daughter. Debby and Larry were two of many missionaries living covertly behind the Iron Curtain. Together with their three children, they lived through the dramatic social, political, and spiritual changes in Eastern Europe.

The Thompsons spent thirty-three years ministering in Eastern Europe, eventually leading Cru’s work in twenty European nations.

Now living in Cincinnati, Ohio, Debby is an active grandmother of six and a mentor for women around the world.

Debby is an award-winning author and a sought-after speaker. Pulling Back the Iron Curtain: Stories from a Cold War Missionary releases on October 12, 2021.

Subscribe to Debby’s blog, Living with Eternal Intentionality® at DebbyThompson.com. Follow her on Instagram (debbythompson17) and Twitter (@Debbythompson17). To contact her, email Debby.Thompson at cru.org.


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  • Photo by Karyn Ward

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