The Artist’s Way Workshops (Guest Post)

The Artist’s Way

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift to Him.” – Julia Cameron

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? We want to engage in this happy gift exchange with our Creator. We have all the goodwill and intentions. Maybe even a stockpile of art supplies to last us a lifetime. But, often, that’s as far as it goes, and then we get stuck! Procrastinate. Double down on determination until the thought of being creative becomes one more chore on our long “I should” to-do list.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron provides a simple, easy-to-follow framework for creative recovery, whether you are a practicing artist or long to be more creative. It’s not geared toward any particular art form. Still, it has a long track record of being effective for artists and non-artists of every stripe.

With surgical precision, Julia Cameron addresses things that keep us from pursuing our creative nudges. It’s been instrumental in my own art journey.  I always considered myself a writer, but as I applied the principles from the book, I discovered the joy of painting! The change didn’t happen overnight, of course. A series of small daily steps changed not only my artistic expression; but also my life. Your creative transformation will be unique as you discover your artistic language and voice.

Details of The Artist’s Way Workshops

Discover or recover your creativity in the new year through a 12-week workshop based on Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way.

It’s possible to work through the chapters on your own, but most of us don’t have the oomph it takes to be consistent, especially when learning new things. Having others around us to share the journey is the gentle push we sometimes need. Plus, anything is always way more fun to do when it’s done with friends.

I’m starting a group in Orlando in January. Take the plunge and start your own group where you live. It’s not rocket science. Here’s what you’ll absolutely need:

First, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron book. The price ranges between $7.70 for a used book on Amazon and $14.99 for a new one. I found it even cheaper on eBay, like $3.99!! I recommend the paper version. It’s not necessary to buy the latest edition. Add it to your Christmas wish list 😊

Things you will need, but you can be flexible:

Second, a spiral-bound 10.5X8 notebook and pen/s (any color ink will do). Use any loose paper or another kind of notebook, if you prefer.

Of course, you’ll need to set aside some…

Third, TIME.

You’ll need time for reading a chapter a week, doing (some) of the recommended exercises, writing morning pages and, most importantly, PLAYING. Ideally, an hour or so a day. Seven or so hours a week should cover you. It sounds like a lot, but most of it is fun. You will get out of it what you choose to put in. This might be one of the best investments in yourself you can have. And it lasts only 12 weeks.

The Orlando Workshop

If I haven’t scared at least two people, we will meet once a week for about 60-90 minutes to share what we’re learning. I would put a cap on 6 to 8 people in a group. Feel free to invite others, keeping this in mind. First come, first served.

That’s it.

I’m still determining the best day/time of the week and location to have our group time. I’m willing to accommodate whatever works best with everyone’s schedule. I want to start by mid-January, but, again, that depends on the group.

Questions? E-mail Gordana at Gordana dot Sjostedt at cru dot org.

Guest Post by Gordana

I was born and grew up a carefree atheist in a country that doesn’t exist anymore; Yugoslavia. I became a believer in the second year of English literature studies at the University of Belgrade . Fast-forward a few years when I met my husband while dubbing the JESUS Film into Serbian. Fast-forward a bit more to when we married and had kids, who are the rare breed of true Floridians.

I’ve been a writer since birth, became a gardener to avoid HOA fines, and a sourdough bread baker to preserve my sanity during the pandemic. That is when I also started messing with paint under the careful supervision of our outrageously spoiled cat Palčica (Thumbelina in Serbian).


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