Free Art2Life Workshop (Guest Post)

Here’s a fantastic FREE opportunity offered by Nicholas Wilton and the Art2Life team coming up this month. His workshop is a great place for a beginner, a dabbler, and even a pro, to discover things they were never taught in art school. I hope this opportunity nudges some of you who are sitting on the artistic fence to throw caution to the wind and jump in. It is not as terrifying or hard as it may feel. And you have nothing to lose. Continue reading Free Art2Life Workshop (Guest Post)

The Artist’s Way Workshops (Guest Post)

With surgical precision, Julia Cameron addresses things that keep us from pursuing our creative nudges. It’s been instrumental in my own art journey.  I always considered myself a writer, but as I applied the principles from the book, I discovered the joy of painting! Join a workshop to pursue your creativity. Continue reading The Artist’s Way Workshops (Guest Post)

Frederick Douglass on Reaching People through Imagination

“Pictures, images, and other symbolical representations speak to the imagination. The mighty fortress of the human heart silently withstands the assaults by the rifled cannons of reason, but readily falls before the magic power of mystery.” – Frederick Douglass Continue reading Frederick Douglass on Reaching People through Imagination