Free Art2Life Workshop (Guest Post)

Free Art2Life Workshop

Here’s a fantastic FREE opportunity offered by Nicholas Wilton and the Art2Life team coming up this month. I have done his free course every year since the 2020 pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of others, including many successful artists, have participated. Nicholas explains intimidating and confusing concepts like design, value, and even color. His workshop is a great place for a beginner, a dabbler, and even a pro, to discover things they were never taught in art school.

I hope this opportunity nudges some of you who are sitting on the artistic fence to throw caution to the wind and jump in. It is not as terrifying or hard as it may feel. And you have nothing to lose.

Sign up at Art2Life.

Details of the Art2Life Workshop

The official kick-off for this online workshop is on February 13, 2023. The “buzz” has already started on Facebook and Instagram.

The sessions include topics such as:

  1. A Different Approach to Design
  2. Value Through a New Lens
  3. What They Don’t Teach about Color in Art School

Take part in the live sessions or watch and re-watch them through February 22, 2023. A schedule of events will help you plan. Art supplies are optional but it’s always more fun to have them handy. Grab paints and paper as you follow along with Nicholas or discover your own creative path.

The workshop also has a Facebook popup group. I have made friends with artists from around the world that started with this workshop. Why not join this group, make friends, and be a light for Christ while learning new art skills?

Sus Schmitt created an event on Workplace for Cru staff to connect February 13th through the 22nd.

Questions? E-mail Gordana at Gordana dot Sjostedt at cru dot org.

Guest Post by Gordana

I was born and grew up a carefree atheist in a country that doesn’t exist anymore; Yugoslavia. I became a believer in the second year of English literature studies at the University of Belgrade . Fast-forward a few years when I met my husband while dubbing the JESUS Film into Serbian. Fast-forward a bit more to when we married and had kids, who are the rare breed of true Floridians.

I’ve been a writer since birth, became a gardener to avoid HOA fines, and a sourdough bread baker to preserve my sanity during the pandemic. That is when I also started messing with paint under the careful supervision of our outrageously spoiled cat Palčica (Thumbelina in Serbian).


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