Heeeeere’s The Kick-Off! (Guest Post)

God didn’t make any of us spectators. He made us for the purpose of getting in the game and making a difference with who we are and what we have to offer the world around us… With Jesus, we never play alone. He coaches us through the toughest of plays. And guarantees a win in the end. Let’s get out there and play some life ball. Continue reading Heeeeere’s The Kick-Off! (Guest Post)

oil of mother and child looking out to sea

Advent: Waiting with Anticipation (Guest Post)

There is a sacredness in waiting. It crystallizes where our trust is. Will we turn to our own resources? Or will we wait, patiently, trusting God’s goodness even though we don’t see an answer? Because my hope is attached to the person of Christ, I can live in anticipation that an answer could be any day. Wonder carries that same vein of anticipation. Continue reading Advent: Waiting with Anticipation (Guest Post)