How to Connect with Cru Writers through Social Media

Cru Writers Guild 750

Would you like to connect with Cru writers through social media? The Facebook section of this post will be for writers; the Twitter section is for writers, readers, and/or followers.

Would You Like to Connect with Cru Writers through Facebook?

For several years now, the Facebook group, Cru Writers Guild, has been helping each other with ideas and resources for writing. Currently, over 100 Campus Crusade staff who are serious about writing as a ministry are members of this closed group.

If you’d be interested in this group, we desire to build a community that encourages each other and helps each other succeed. We’d love to get to know you and to hear your stories of how God has used your writing to minister to others. We’d definitely want to know when you publish books and eBooks so we can celebrate with you!

This group is for sharing:

  • resources
  • how-tos
  • prayer requests
  • tips on publishing
  • tips on engaging readers

This group is a community where you might find guest authors, create blog hops, request reviews of your book, etc.

This group is not really a “feed” of our blog posts. I’m actually working on a place for us to read our posts in “one spot;” I’ll add a link here when it’s ready. (Yes, you may post from your blog occasionally in the group.)

How to Join Cru Writers Guild

This “secret” Facebook group is only for Campus Crusade for Christ staff. (A “secret” Facebook group means no one outside the group can see who is a member and what we’re discussing.)  This closed group is for men and women on staff with Cru who feel called to a writing ministry. If you write articles, blogs, books, or eBooks, we’d love to have you join… even if you haven’t really begun yet.

Go to the group at Cru Writers Guild and request membership. Anne Marie Winz and I administer the group. If we know you, we’ll recognize you and admit you. Alternatively, send an email to Sus Schmitt (e4e at to request membership and introduce yourself.

How to Connect with CCC Writers through Twitter

Do you use Twitter to promote your blog and content related to your blog? If so, I have a Twitter list of CCC Writers that you should be on. If you’re a writer in this Twitter list, your tweets help to publish the content of a daily online newspaper, e4e: Best of CCC Tweets.

For both writers and readers, the Twitter list of CCC Writers is a good list for you to find some Twitter accounts for writers you may wish to follow. Alternatively, subscribe to the daily online newspaper, e4e: Best of CCC Tweets so you can receive an email alerting you to the latest edition. The CCC writers are just one of the groups that help with the content of this paper.

How to Add Your Name to the CCC Writers Twitter List

Tweet  @SusSchmitt or send an email to Sus Schmitt (e4e at to request I add you to my list of writers. If you use Twitter for personal conversations and random sharing, I prefer not having you on the list because the tweets from the list help to publish the content of e4e: Best of CCC Tweets.

NOTE: I’ve used both Cru and Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) in this post because the Facebook group and the Twitter list are global, and are not just for U.S. staff.

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