“She Who Refreshes Others Will Herself Be Refreshed” (Guest Post)

Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt from the Saint Louis Art Museum

As a people person and a busy mom, I often feel fragmented when different segments of life seem stitched together by various interactions with family and friends, whether in person or through technology.  Tweets, play dates, coffee dates, Facebook chats, blog posts, after-school programs, or church activities are all good things, but no matter how completely connected I am, part of me misses out on being mentored.  After all, I’m just now hitting my stride as a woman, and realize I could benefit tremendously by learning from someone who knows womanhood well.

Because I believe it’s better to give than to receive and I wasn’t being mentored in any of the many areas of my life, I thought, why not mentor in a particular area in the life of another? Continue reading ““She Who Refreshes Others Will Herself Be Refreshed” (Guest Post)”